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What is Halal Food?

Halal food complies with Islamic Law or Shariah. Halal stipulates that food consumed must be:

  • Hygienic.
  • Not harmful to health.
  • Free from any parts of animal origin that is forbidden by the shariah.
  • Free from anything regarded as 'filth' (najis) under Islamic law.

In addition, meat products must be derived from animals that are permissible and slaughtered according to Islamic Law.

QSR Brands' Guarantee

QSR Brands guarantees that all the products it manufactures and sells in Malaysia are Halal.

The QSR Brands Shariah Advisory Council stringently oversees the whole chain of its halal food manufacturing processes to ensure Halal compliance with JAKIM's Halal Certification requirements.

JAKIM's Halal logo are displayed on all of our product packaging certifying that it has passed the tests of Halal compliance.

Locally-Manufactured Products

Internal Controls

To ensure that all our products conform to Halal requirements, apart from obtaining Halal Certificate for its operational premises, we operate stringent internal controls over raw materials procurement, manufacturing, handling, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and utensils.

We are extremely careful to prevent cross-contamination with 'filth' (najis) or hazardous contaminants. We also adhere to Halal industry best practices to maintain the highest standards of quality and hygiene in food production.

External Certification

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) inspects our factory, restaurants, ingredients and processes before permitting us to use their logo.

The Halal Certification Process: Locally-Manufactured Products

QSR Brands develops products using only halal ingredients verified by our Shariah Advisory Council

QSR Brands applies to JAKIM for halal certification

JAKIM inspects the product and/or facilities

JAKIM issues the Halal Certificate

Imported Products

All imported products are certified Halal by the source country local Islamic food and nutrition certification body recognised by JAKIM. To further verify the Halal status of our imported products, officials from QSR Brands Shariah Advisory Council, inspect the facilities of all our suppliers abroad.

Validation Process for Imported Products

Receive request to use products/ingredients that have been certified Halal by relevant Halal certifying body in source country.

The QSR Brands Shariah Advisory Council verifies and validates the status of the Halal certifying body with JAKIM

Shariah Advisory Council grants permission to use proposed product/ingredients

Raw Materials

All raw materials suppliers are required to submit a statutory declaration to confirm that they comply with Halal requirements in relation to the manufacturing process, handling, storage and transportation of products supplied.

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