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Finger Licker

A true believer of “Finger Lickin’ Good”, he gets his fingers dirty, just so he can lick them clean. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the sight. Lucky for him, there is KFC Delivery.

Ori Geng (The O.G)

Like a turf war, The OG takes Original Recipe KFC very seriously. He doesn’t listen to people who don’t know the truth, it’s KFC Original or nothing. When he’s not running with his crew, he gets his stomach rumble on at home with KFC Delivery.

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Cheezy Champion

Ever seen a person drag the last of their Cheezy Wedges around the paper tray to get every last drop of cheese? Well, you’ve just met that person - Cheezy Champion is his name, and KFC Delivery feeds his game.

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Mix Masher

He might cause a stir while stirring his mash potato cups. All because he’s done the unthinkable - mix just about everything available at KFC into a single cup of Whipped Potato. When he wants a quick fix, he gets his mix from KFC Delivery.

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Abang Zinger

Abang Zinger dresses wearing everything ‘Z’ from his hoodie to his socks, all for his Zingerlicious love. He has to have it day and night. Thanks to KFC Delivery, he gets his Zinger burgers easy peasy.

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Kak Slaw

She doesn’t just eat Coleslaw, she empties the cup. Her excessive orders are her claim to fame but sometimes all she wants is to buy Coleslaw in peace. With KFC Delivery, she can order with ease.

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Nuggets Nutter

Her idea of the perfect date starts with a bouquet of Nuggets and a trip to KFC for more Nuggets. Now with KFC Delivery, nothing gets between her and a golden, crispy, hot and fresh KFC Chicken Nugget.

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Spicy Kulit Cruncher

Crunchy, spicy skin, drives this KFC Kaki mad with desire. No one really understands why, but to him, the golden brown crisp skins are worth the calories. Also, watch out because he might just ZAAASSS your Hot & Spicy Chicken skins… But when he has no victims, he feeds his need with KFC Delivery.

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